About Us

ِAbout our company

Al-Yasmin & Amar Real Estate Development Company

Due to the diversification of its activities and its integrity on both the quality and geographic levels which gives it a characterized and diversified capacity, in addition to the stability, growth and development.
Within the field of the real estate, the Company manages, markets, leases and maintains all types of real estate whether the ones owned by it or by others through its administrative and technical qualified personnel, in addition to selling and purchasing real estate to its interests and to others, organizing real estate auctions, carrying out real estate brokerage works, evaluating real estate for others, establishing and providing consultancies and managing real estate portfolios to it and to others.

Our Mission
integrated real estate, we aim to maximize the wealth of our customers and our shareholders, partners and take care of their interests in accordance, and methods distinguished career, including contributing to creating and strengthening the competitive quality of the work environment that stimulates employees to be creative and to gain our commitment with the required expertise. Our responsibilities toward the social environment and our society
Our Vision
To be the first choice for customers, and one of the best providers of integrated real estate and real estate developers of high-quality services locally and globally investigators increasingly sustainable returns for our customers and our shareholders. And our partners and investors