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28 May، 2019

Business Development Department

Business Development Department Business development department has a key role in the company which is to research and prepare the reports needed to the development of the company’s overall performance. Key Department Responsibilities: The completion of plans to develop the property in all respects that is renewing and developing the […]
28 May، 2019

Maintenance Department

Maintenance Department This administration holds the maintenance of all the diverse engineering services, such as routine periodic maintenance, preventive, and root and maintenance of health, electrical, mechanical, fire engines, elevators, escalators, generators, civil works and air-conditioning business, in addition to the receipt of the construction of new complexes after the […]
28 May، 2019

Marketing and Customer Service Department

Marketing and Customer Service Department Marketing department is responsible for creating the overarching image that represents the company Marketing department plays a vital rule on reaching out customers, investors and building brand awareness.
28 May، 2019

Real Estate Property Management

Real Estate Property Management This department manages real estate company and the property of others from companies, institutions and individuals where they are to meet all the requirements of this real estate operations, monitoring and maintenance, marketing and leasing and collection of these revenues ADDITIONALLY, THE REAL ESTATE SERVICES DEPARTMENT […]