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Real Estate Property Management

This department manages real estate company and the property of others from companies, institutions and individuals where they are to meet all the requirements of this real estate operations, monitoring and maintenance, marketing and the development and establishment of marketing and media propaganda festivals and leasing and collection of these revenues and organizing real estate auctions management and is assisted by this administration leasing offices of her and geographically distributed to cover all areas of Kuwait and supported the Kuwaiti elite of young people with experience in real estate management, and integrated device technician for maintenance operations supported by a sophisticated system of the computer and means of advanced communications and transportation. Due to the company's work through the complex automated system, it has become a tenant can (client) the completion of the treatment and evacuation of leasing and rental values in the payment of any leasing of offices and on two shifts. Pursues real estate management consistent strategy aimed to satisfy its customers and build mutual between it and them confidence, so the administration is considered a pioneer in the field of real estate investment and the provision of real estate consultancy because of its advantages of the most important of the availability of expertise with high efficiency in the areas of trade and assess the property and in the development, marketing and leasing real estate (commercial - Investment - residential - parking - recreational and tourism). Good reputation management as due to its commitment to keep pace with technological advances and the use of the best scientific methods to maintain the property as well as the use of the latest real estate portfolio management systems. Administration seeks to increase productivity by reducing the vacancy rate and increase revenue through the continuous improvement of the services provided to customers and to maintain the property to increase its useful life.


  • Offering and leasing vacant units while maintaining the existing tenants.
  • Collecting and depositing revenues in owner's bank account after deduction of property expenses.
  • Monitoring the property's expenses including electricity and water supply charges while considering savings.
  • Performing maintenance works for the property as per the property owner instructions.
  • Initiating legal actions against defaulting tenants on behalf of the property owner.
  • Provide the property owner with periodic reports on property status, leased and vacant units in addition to collected rental.
  • Proposing to the property owner new ways to developing the property and increasing it's revenues.

Marketing and Customer Service Department

  • Marketing department is responsible for creating the overarching image that represents the company
  • Marketing department plays a vital rule on reaching out customers, investors and building brand awareness.

Maintenance Department

This administration holds the maintenance of all the diverse engineering services, such as routine periodic maintenance, preventive, and root and maintenance of health, electrical, mechanical, fire engines, elevators, escalators, generators, civil works and air-conditioning business, in addition to the receipt of the construction of new complexes after the implementation of operational projects and manufacture of kitchen cabinets for all complexes and buildings the towers of aluminum during the workshop and repair of pumps and motors and the work of the winding Mwaatir of different sizes.

Business Development

  • Business development department has a key role in the company which is to research and prepare the reports needed to the development of the company's overall performance.
  • The Department also focuses on advising for marketing opportunities and real estate developing.
Key Department Responsibilities:
  • The completion of plans to develop the property in all respects that is renewing and developing the property and marketing it to the highest benefit to the investor.
  • To measure the need of the property for development and to determine whether if it is worth it or not.
  • Preparing Feasibility study for investment opportunities.
  • Preparation of work plan and the strategy of the company.
  • Making Studies to develop the company's departments.
  • Follow up and pursue the completion of the Business plan.